Indian Evidence Act, 1872 - Notes, Case Laws and Study Material
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Indian Evidence Act, 1872 - Notes, Case Laws and Study Material

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Indian Evidence Act, 1872 is procedural law. The object of the evidence law is to consolidate and amend the law of evidence.

Important study material and case laws on the Law of Evidence – Click on the topics to Read 

Module  1  -  Introduction

  • History of the Act
  • Important Definitions 
  • Different Types of Evidence
  • Presumptions

Module  2  -  Relevancy of Facts

  • Meaning of Relevancy of Facts
  • Motive, Preparation and Conduct
  • Introduce of Relevant Fact
  • Evidence for Conspiracy
  • Inconsistent Facts (Plea of Alibi)

Module 3  -  Admission and Confession

  • Meaning and Definition of Admission
  • Persons whose admission are relevant
  • Meaning and Definition of Confession
  • Types of Confession

Module  4  -  Relevancy of Evidence

  • Dying Declaration
  • Relevancy of Evidence in Prior Judicial Proceeding
  • Statements under Special Circumstances
  • Judgments of Court When Relevant
  • Opinion of Experts 
  • Relevancy of Character

Module  5  -  Proof

  • Facts which Need not be Proved
  • Oral Evidence
  • Documentary Evidence
  • Admissibility of Electronic Evidences
  • Exclusion of Oral Evidence by Documentary Evidence

Module  6  -  Production and Effect of Evidence

  • Burden of Proof
  • Survivor-ship and Death
  • Presumptions
  • Doctrine of Estoppel
  • Witnesses and Privileged Communications
  • Examinations of Witnesses 
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