Specific Relief Act, 1963 - Notes, Case Laws and Study Material
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Specific Relief Act, 1963 - Notes, Case Laws and Study Material

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Specific relief is a judicial remedy to enforce the civil rights of individuals. The Specific Relief Act is part of the Civil Procedure Code and it is Procedural law. The Specific Relief Act, 1963 is operative from 1st March 1963.

Important study material and case laws on the Specific Relief Act – Click on the topics to Read

Module 1 -  General Introduction

  • Meaning of  Specific Relief
  • Historical Background of the Act
  • Salient Features of the Act
  • Important Definitions

Module 2 -  Specific Relief

  • Recovery of Possession of Property

Module 3 -  Specific Performance of Contract

  • Cases in Which Specific Performance of Contract is Enforceable
  • Specific Performance of Part of Contract
  • Rights of Purchaser Against Person with Imperfect Title
  • Contracts not Specifically Enforceable
  • Who may Obtain Specific Performance
  • Personal Barts to Relief
  • Relief Against Parties and Persons Claiming Under Them by Subsequent Title
  • Discretion as to Decreeing Specific Performance
  • Power to Award Compensation in Certain Cases
  • Liquidation of Damages not a Bar to Specific Performance

Module 4 -  Rectification of Instrument

  • When Instrument may be Rectified

Module 5 -  Rescission of Contract

  • Where Rescission may be Adjudged or Refused

Module 6 -  Cancellation of Instrument 

  • When Cancellation may be Ordered
  • What Instruments may be Partially Cancelled

Module 7 -  Declaratory Decrees

  • Declaratory Decrees
  • Effect of Declaration

Module 8 -  Injunctions

  • Injunctions Meaning and Its Types
  • Temporary and Perpetual Injunctions
  • Mandatory Injunctions
  • Injunction When Refused
  • When Perpetual Injunctions Granted
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