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Law Dissertation Topics For LLM in India

 Law dissertation topics for LLM in India. We have provided some interesting law topics for dissertations for criminal law, constitutional law, human rights law dissertation, corporate law, company law, international law, business law etc.

law dissertation topics,
Law Dissertation Topics for LLM in India

Dissertation Topics for Law 

Here are some interesting law topics for dissertations for LLM pursuing students and answers to the law dissertation questions. Let's see one by one;

Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

Criminal law dissertation topics are given as below;

1. Historical Background of Death Penalty and Its Evolution in the Indian Legal System.

2. Global Effects of War on Terror on Criminal Law

3. Racial Prejudice Among the Criminal in India

4. POSCO Act: Critical Analysis

5. An Analysis of Contract Law in India

6. Plea Bargaining in India

7. Kidnapping and Abduction: Comparision

8. Environmental Crimes and Their Implications on the Indian Legal System.

9. Law of Omissions Liability and Its Evolution

10. Burden of Proof in Quarantine - Is There Any Difference?

11. Relationship Between Domestic Violence and Criminal Law

12. Elaborate The Importance of Burden of Proof in a Court of Law

13. Culpable Homicide and Murder: Brief Comparision

14. Nature, Extent and Distribution of Crime: A Study

15. An Analysis on Terrorism and Lawlessness Against Infants in India

16. Evolution of Punishments in Criminal Law

17. Juvenile Justice System and Order in India: An Analysis

18. White Coller Crime Law in India

19. Criminology and Criminal Justice

20. Critical Analysis on Capital Punishment

Constitutional Law Dissertation Topics

Dissertation topics in Constitutional Law in India are given as below;

1. Critical Analysis of Fundamental Rights in the Indian Constitution

2. Legal Exploitation of Weaker Section

3. Free Speech in Virtual World and Constitution of India

4. Constitutional Exploitation and Its Concern: An Analysis

5. Enforcement of International Law in the Indian Constitution

6. The System of Judicial Review in Constitution of India

7. Making of Constitution of India: A Study

8. Right to Equality in Indian Constitution: An Overview

9. Provisions on Emergency under Constitution of India

10. Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties in Constitution of India: Critical Analysis

11. Importance of Government in Protecting the Fundamental Rights

12. Critical Analysis on Gender Equality

13. Scope of Article 21 of the Constitution of India

Commercial/Business Law Dissertation Topics

Commercial/Business law dissertation topics are given as below;

1. Benefits to International Business Contracts

2. Unfair Trade Practices and Its Effects in India

3. Effect of International Commercial Laws on Indian Laws

4. An Overview of Opportunites in International Laws for Business Corruption

5. Ethics by Bankers in Business Law

6. Tracing Historical Components of Common Law

7. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sports in India

Family Law Dissertation Topics

Family law dissertation topics are given as below;

1. Major Changes in Family Law Over the Years: Case Study

2. Domestic Violence and Family Laws: Case Study

3. Civil Partnerships and Patenting

4. Matrimonial Remedies under Mohammedan Laws

International Law Dissertation Topics

International law dissertation topics are given as below;

1. What is International Law Interven Domestic Laws

2. International Laws and Developing Countries: An Analysis

3. Collective Civil Obligations and Global Order

4. Relationship Between Municipal Laws and International Laws

Employment Law Dissertation Topics

Employment law dissertation topics are given as below;

1. Job Security and Comprehensive Review on Child Labour

2. Gender Differences at Workplace: A Case Study

3. Employment Motability in India: An Analysis

4. Employment Laws For The Digital Age

5. Understanding the Relationship Between Employment Laws and Criminal Laws in India

Intellectual Property Rights Law Dissertation Topics

Intellectual Property Rights law dissertation topics are given as below;

1. Modern Technology and Intellectual Property Laws in India

2. Protection of Internet and Intellectual Property Laws

3. Digitalisation and Copyright Laws in India

4. New Patent Statutes and Digitalization

5. Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Protection of Biodiversity

6. Copyright Infringement: An Analysis

Medical Law Dissertation Topics

Medical law dissertation topics are given as below;

1. Organ Retention: Pros and Cons

2. Surrogacy Laws in India

3. Study on Abortion in India

4. Assisted Suicide: Legal, Ethical and Medical Principles

5. Cruelty Against Animals: Case Study

Other Legal Topics for Dissertation

1. Legalization of Betting in India: Merits and Demertics

2. Nationalization of Sports Organization and Its Legal Implications

3. Transgender Athletes and Indian Laws

4. Gun Laws in India

5. Vicarious Liability in India: An Analysis

6. Online Advertising and Indian Law

7. Religious Laws and Crimes in Developed Countries

8. Police Interrogations and Indian Legal System

9. Status of Women in India

10. Status of Infants in India

11. Contempt of Court: An Overview

12. An Analysis of Rule of Law in India


Law dissertation topics for LLM in India. We have given some interesting law topics for dissertations for criminal law, constitutional law, human rights law, corporate law, company law, international law, business law etc.

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